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Monday, 11 July 2011

Red Kites

I was out teaching near to Reading at the weekend, what a delight it was... I saw three Red Kites drifting on the wind and after a night of Merlin calling all night long which was a great as he normally does not call out when we are in a strange wood.

In the early hours of the morning 6am I heard a Lesser-spotted Woodpecker drumming this was a real pleasure as you do not get to hear let alone see this delightful little bird very often. Woodpeckers my my favorite birds and soon the Lesser-spotted was followed by Green and Great-spotted Woodpeckers awesome.... shame no Wryneck to be heard.

The range of butterflies was also brilliant and I saw one I had never seen before, mmmm now where did I put that field guide?

There was fox in full view and fallow deer were plentiful along with two shy muntjac's.

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