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Monday, 22 June 2009

The Dead Sea Sparrow that was not so dead.

Having just completed a Desert trek for Men Cap we finished up at Mount Sinai, the group I was with then got on to the bus and we went into Eilat in Israel.

The next day I was getting ready to go to the local ringing station do some bird watching, when Jane who became a good friend, asked if she could come with me, of course I was delighted and off we went.On arriving at the reserve, I introduced myself to one of the ringers there, who happen to be German and me being me, I took the opportunity to speak to him in German, it’s my way of keeping my hand in.

I asked the guy, if he had caught any Dead Sea Sparrows in his nets; (this is a rare bird and only comes from around the area of the Dead Sea, hence its name). He said he had not, but if catches one he would bring it over to show us, as I had said to him, I think my friend would enjoy seeing one.

Some time later, we were watching a Pied Kingfisher hovering and diving into the water for fish. I saw the German guy heading our way with a cloth bag in his hand and I said to Jane, “it looks like he is bringing us a Dead Sea Sparrow in his bag for us to see”, Jane replied “why would I want to see a Sea Sparrow that is dead”.

I laughed, and explain to her that, that’s its name because of where we are, she realised what she had said and laughed as well, feeling slightly embarrassed, although she had no need to be, if you do not know, then you do not know.

Photo by Geoffrey McMullan.

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