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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

“This is not the sort of course I would normally come on, but it has liberated me."

Martin attended a recent Tracking One course where he experienced the Meet a Tree and Energy Tracking exercises, this is what he had to say.

Good to hear from you Geoff,

On a physical level I don't think the course needed any recovering from - I don't think we could have been any better looked after, and it was good to just spend some time in the woods with a great bunch of people. On a different level though, I think you know that a few of my buttons were pushed during the "Meet the Tree" and "Energy Tracking" exercises. That was quite unsettling, but in a wholly positive way.

The tracking basics were very helpful too, and I have been reading Tom Brown's "Science and art of tracking" with renewed enthusiasm. The weekend has made the whole subject come alive a bit more for me. Once I have consolidated what I have learnt I would definitely be interested in learning more, so if you will be running another course, especially if it’s at Rob's place, please do let me know.” Thanks again,

Kindest regards,

Martin Pope

(Forensic Scientist - Former Senior CSI with Kent Police)

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