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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Spiritually vs Science

Regarding the lack of empirical evidence into alternative and spiritual aspects of recovery in wilderness-therapy, perhaps with future research Nature-Awareness can in a small way close the gap on the so called grey-literature.

Miller (1998) states that in terms of spirituality to

“…Simply to ignore a…potential source of healing violates both scientific curiosity and professional responsibility, he continues by challenging the academic and spiritual community by stating,

“…It is time to question and reverse the assumption that spiritual variables are taboo for scientists and therapists, or that scientific methods cannot possibly shed light on spirituality” (p. 987).

Miller, W. R. (1998). Researching the spiritual dimensions of alcohol and other drug problems. Addiction, 93, (7), 979-990.

Below is some feedback from tracking courses I recently ran from three participants both from opposite backgrounds Richard comes from a spiritual perspective and who wanted mostly animal tracking while Mark who is from a scientific background was sceptical of the energy tracking aspect of the course, as was Martin who is a crime scene investigation officer.

"The weekend looking back was a very ‘dense’ experience: in the sense that it felt very full with experience - I don't feel that I ever was in need of more excitement or more things to occupy my mind - it was just fantastic to feel myself gradually becoming more natural myself!”

Richard Matthews

“I really enjoyed the weekend. As I said at the time, I think the way it broke down into different activities and disciplines worked really well. Working on animal tracks, human sign and energy tracking proved a great mix, and I felt each part helped you learn something about the others.”


“It’s not something I would normally choose, but I found it liberating”

Martin Pope

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