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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Gay Birder

Just lately I have been reflecting on my life in the army, mainly due to being contacted by my army buddy's recently on facebook.

When I joined my first regiment 40th Field Regiment the Lowland Gunners at the age of 18 years, I was working in the MT (motor transport) office. One of the guys was asking what my interests were and when I told him I enjoyed bird watching, he replied only gay people watch birds. My response was would he like to close the door so we could rearrange the office furniture. I am much more of a gentle giant now.

Leaping forward to when I was a Sargent in 49th Regiment Royal Artillery and was at the time setting up a nature reserve on the German net.

One day when the regiment was on parade the colonel came up to me and said "Sargent McMullan the Brigadier wants to have a conservation day soon, and I would like you to come up with something, you have the regiment at your disposal"

I chuckled and the colonel looked at me and said "I'm sorry did I say something funny" I apologised and said I was just reflecting back to when I was 18 Sir, I was accused of being gay because I watch birds, hey oh how times have changed".

I think he saw the funny side of it?

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