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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Drum Stalk – By Wanting to Help Me, You are not Helping Me.

I was running a Drum Stalk session during one of our courses. There was young girl who was trying to locate her tree but was having difficulty not because she was doing anything wrong, more because she was overwhelmed both physically and energetically.

So many people were stopping her from finding her tree, the camera person (the session was being filmed), her mother who was worried that she might hurt herself because she was blindfolded and the rest of the group gathered around her to help her along as she was the last from the group to complete the game. It is worth remembering that the Drum Stalk is not a race, it is not about who is first in, it is about connecting with yourself through nature.

I had to stop the game which does not happen very often to ask everyone to move away from her as they were affecting her progress by preventing her with their energy from connecting with the trees. I said to her once you are settled and have reconnected with your tree, I would like you to go and find it. When she was ready, she moved off walking with confidence around a bush without touching it she then walked straight up to her tree, to every ones amazement.

I explained to everyone how about their behaviour and concerns had affected the girls outcome, the mother being over protective which is understandable, but she could see that by letting go and trusting that her daughter could do it, her daughter was quite able to negotiate the trees with out any difficulty. Her mother had learnt something about her relationship with her daughter that day.

When things like that are presented I cease the opportunity to illustrate to people how they can affect other people’s outcomes without even speaking and the power of nature and our inter connectedness with it.

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