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Monday, 11 January 2010

The Trees of Five Blues Lake - Belize

Five Blues Lake is so described because of the different shades of blue it gives off; it is located at Mile 32 on the Hummingbird Highway, opposite Over-the-Top bar, about 22 miles from Belmopan.

The park is centred around an intensely blue lake, thought to be around 200 feet deep and sits surrounded by ragged limestone hills, all covered in thick forest consisting of broadleaf trees and freshwater lagoons and it also boast caves, many with spectacular rock formations and Mayan artefacts (not to be touched). The lagoons, caves and general area are still largely unexplored.

While I was living and working in Belize for Raleigh International as their logistics manager I had the opportunity to visit this area during a re-supply run to one of the project sites. It is an amazing place to explore some 200+ birds and 20 species of bats have been recorded there. I went for a walk around the lake and I came upon some of the cave systems, while I did not go too deep into the caves as time was not really on my side I did explore the surrounding area.

I walked through one cave system which broke out into a clearing and what I encountered was just wonderful, I looked up and above my head were a series of overhangs some 50 -70 feet and on top of these overhangs you could clearly see trees growing, so while the rock was a soft limestone it was strong enough to hold these rather large trees, coming out from underneath of the over hangs were the roots from the trees which drove straight down and were firmly rooted into the ground that I was standing on.

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