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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Concentric Rings - Merlin

I took Merlin my European Eagle Owl out for a stroll one day along the estuary at the back of where I live. During this time some twenty people from cyclists to families out for a walk stopped to ask me about Merlin.

What was interesting for me, was on seeing Merlin they were completely captivated I was there just to answer their questions, and while Merlin looked around at the other birds and rabbits. His fans were taking pictures on their phones, they were stroking him and during this time they all had big smiles on their faces.

Just by being in the presence of this powerful bird the energy of the people changed. And as they all walked away I observed their interaction with each other and I overheard the kids saying I can't wait to show my fiends the photos. It was then I thought about the concentric rings that would be sent out to family and friends of these people about their encounter with Merlin.

The next day I was talking to someone who I had only just met and he told about a story he heard on the radio the day before. Someone had phoned in and told the DJ about his experience of meeting a bloke with an Eagle Owl along the estuary. The guy telling me this did not know that the story was about Merlin and myself.

Who knows how far this concentric ring went and how many people Merlin brought joy to.

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j_astaria said...

I love this story!