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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Natural Awareness - Tracking as an Intervention

For some time now I have been giving considerable thought to how I can bring tracking into therapy as an intervention to help raise people’s level of awareness, and at last I think I have found a way.

Having tried a particular exercise out on various groups of people who have attended my tracking courses and seen their reactions to this exercise and the way that it has benefited them, I am confident that I can now present it to people with addictions and young offenders etc.

The original exercise came from Tom Brown Jr who was given it by Grandfather. Tom was asked by Grandfather to sit in front of a canvas which covered a set of tracks except for one and it was this one he had to connect with, once he understood how that track worked he was to locate where the next track was. When I read this, it inspired me to look at ways of expanding my tracking skills but not just that, it also fired up my passion to look at how I could bring it to others for the greater good. Since working with this exercise I have been able to expand upon it to the point where people are able to track someone’s intentions from a track laid down inside a given area which has been covered up, the size of the box can vary depending on the ability of the group or individual I am working with and the exercise has many different levels to it.

In terms of working with people and in particular people who have an addiction, this exercise takes them outside of the box and will raise many questions, but importantly it illustrates to them how their thoughts can manifest in the physical world and may even affect someone else’s behaviour.

Last weekend the tracking box expanded even further see Tracking - Telling a Story so, now I have another aspect to explore with people. Perhaps getting them to lay down their life story along a track the group can then follow this story and translate what they are experiencing to the counsellor in this case, myself. Along this story line other things can be brought into play to help tell their Life's Story, things like leaves, stones found at the side of the trail, maybe even the surrounding area such as a particular tree or bush. This would also require the group to have a basic understanding of how to track.

A friend recently shared with me her story which was told through using a boulder with lots of holes in it, she felt the need to plug these holes with other small stones and in so doing it helped with her healing process. There are many more ideas buzzing around in my head. I am looking forward to trying them out very soon as part of the next course on The Art and Science of Natural Awareness.

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