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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nature Awareness - Letter from James

12th March 2011

Hi Geoff

It just occurred to me that "nature awareness" can be interpreted more than one way. My individuated soul becoming aware of nature, or my individuated soul experiencing the awareness of nature. That part of me that's the centre of my universe had assumed that nature awareness was describing me becoming more aware and not that all of nature is aware of me!

I feel that the observer has just realised he's being observed!



Hi James

Welcome to the real world that's why I also term Nature Awareness, Natural Awareness it is the part of nature awareness that looks at our behaviour in nature such as addiction and our relationship with nature.

It has been my experience that nature teaches us about ourselves. If I take trees as an example some people believe that they choose the tree in the game Meet a Tree, but in fact if the tree does not wish to work with you just as humans then it will not make itself known to you. The same applies to animals.

We are all connected



13th March 2011

Hi Geoffrey

I'm beginning to understand what you're talking about now. It's so fascinating! It seems every time I learn something about "nature", I'm learning something about myself at the same time, and it's very humbling!


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