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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Natural Awareness - In relation to Addiction what is your highest emotional risk?

I once asked a group I was working with emotionally what is your lowest risk and what is your highest risk, a flood of responses came back at me. Then one of the group turned the question on me, "Geoff What's your highest emotional risk and what is your lowest risk?".

I responded with my lowest risk was to go to war with my guys and my highest risk was to allow myself to cry in public while watching a very emotive film in the cinema.

They looked confused, "surely the war would be my highest risk came the response.

"I answered by saying while there was a risk just as there is in all the things we do in life, I knew that my men and all the other members of my battery were highly trained, I trusted them, we shared very similar experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions even if they were not voiced, and as long as they were around I knew I would be safe from danger because we looked after each other.

As I related this experience to the group, I drew their attention to the fact that in the same way that they attend AA or have a sponsor, they too are surrounded by people who know and understand them.

However, in my mind there is a difference.

One day I am shopping in Tesco's the next, I go to WAR and then as suddenly as I went I return, then the day after that I take my car to the garage for a servicing.

All the trauma or feelings that this might bring and the issues it may rise, I deal with it in the best way that I can, but there comes a time when I no longer need to go to war. However for them, they are fighting their WAR everyday and that takes courage, strength and an insight to recognise they have much more to deal with and yet here they were really trying to give it a go, to make their life work by getting into active recovery.

I take my hat of to them, I learnt a lot from these amazing people that I had the privilege and the honour to share the same journey with, when we went into the woods to engage with Nature.

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