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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cycle of Challenge

In playing the Natural Awareness games there are many challenges that can take place, however the main issue for all parties has to be around trust.

The addict: Can I trust the therapist, does he know what I am going through, does he really understand, he is not even an addict how could he possibly know, is he any good at what he does, I all ready know about nature, what can nature teach me?

The challenge is to trust, risk and share.

The Professional: What is this weird new age thing all about, were is the evidence, how can someone possibly find their way into active recovery just by playing some silly games and becoming an animal.

The challenge is to trust, risk and share.

The Therapist: I hope the addicts trust me. It would be nice for the professionals to experience what the addicts experience when out in Nature by taking an active part in Natural Awareness.

The challenge is to trust, risk and share.

Where do we go from here? If we do not trust, risk and share.

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