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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Imaginal - Earth-body knowledge

‎"Our bodies are continually re-creating our memories, and thus re-creating the past" ~ Ann Weiser Cornell, focusing teacher. I find this an interesting idea - that bodily knowledge of our past is in constant flux, with new knowledge becoming available.
Maybe it also applies to the earth-body knowledge too?
I believe it does, I was only talking about this subject yesterday with a friend, I see part of my job as helping people to remember. How does a young person who has never done the Bow Drill before know how to do it, without instruction.

Well, I believe it is a combination of things like problem solving in the moment, in other words new memory and tapping into that past memory that was laid down by mother earth and our ancestors that went before, because ultimately each of us are the net result of their experiences, thoughts, feelings and the understanding they had of their world.

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