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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nature Awareness - Didn't like being in a circle of people...

I have made many observations over the years working with people in Nature and one that seems to be quite common for most people when connecting with nature is that they refer to it as a 'Spiritual' connection.

I would like to assure you that when working with people I give them very little information so as not to prime them in any way.

This is what 'A' had to say about her experience in Nature:

"I had heard very good reports in Paris from somebody who had played Meet a Tree. I had only heard of this one game and didn't realise there were more. Before attending I didn't realise it was a game to connect your heart with nature I presumed it was a game of skill.

The first game I played was the Drum Stalk where I just used my other senses (touch + hearing), I liked being completely free in the trees without seeing what 'might' hurt you. Didn't like it when I heard other people talking. The week after we played Blindfold Tag (now known as Animal Tag) but I was quite distracted this day and didn't participate or connect very much. I liked trying to feel the other person using my heart, it was difficult though not to listen to footsteps too. Didn't like being in a circle of people.

It was only in my third week that I started to open up to feeling more spiritual and connected with the forest and when I did the feelings came very strong. I could really feel something in my heart that was very deep inside and I had not felt before, like a heat inside. At first I was quite nervous and felt a little bit afraid but when I realised the feeling was positive I felt ok and safe".

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