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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Friday, 14 January 2011

Nature Awareness - I have more belief in myself and more confidence...

I have been going over some of my old notes and feedback from people that have taken part in Nature Awareness for the years. The funny thing is reading these notes I am seeing different messages to what I remember reading at the time, and that is a good thing because once again I am being given an insight into how powerful nature can be for people and that it is in us all the time.

The case in point here is in my experience, people with an addiction often talk about an emptiness inside and that they find it hard to feel and yet here this person is talking about trusting his feelings perhaps for the very first time.

This does not surprise me as I believe we have an innate relationship with nature so when we go into nature it is like we are remembering what we have always known. So, this time I thought I would share with you the experiences this person had when taking part in three different games and how he felt about the experiences.

'W' "I didn't even think about the workshop. All of the sudden I found myself in the park, I felt serene and I felt surrender today. In the past my mind was busy figuring out things".

Fox the Fox: "It was so helpful for me to observe people's reactions, it is valuable for making me aware off people's feelings - and most of all to trusting my feelings".

Meet a Tree: "Life is amazing. I seemed to have stopped the world while doing this exercise today. I would like to do more of this. It brings up emotions and a connection with nature".

Drum Stalk: "I loved being in the snow and feeling a connection. I think I was slightly distracted at times, I really enjoyed this".

Overall: "I feel very positive, I will take this feeling into the programme. I feel more connected now, I now feel ready to begin working this programme, I will trust my feelings more... I will base my decisions on what I feel, not what others say. This group really helped me to connect to the rest of the programme. I was very grateful for the chance to use and develop the skills and tools".

"I have more belief in myself and more confidence".

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